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Meet the Leonard: Your Last Notebook, Ever. The Leonard is an endlessly refillable notebook designed to be a physical companion to your digital tools so that you can prioritize and focus on your most important work.

The Leonard Starter Kit includes:

Full-Grain Leather Cover

Magnetically snaps closed for secure travel without elastic straps. 3 hidden card pockets, 2 large page pockets, and a notch to hold your pen.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Easily twist off the screws to insert new pages. Machined out of 316L stainless steel to last over thousands of turns.

1 Paper Refill Pack (50 pages)

Lined paper on the front, dot-grid on the reverse. Card stock spine included.

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“This could be the last notebook you ever buy.”

How it works

The Leonard Notebook doesn't replace your digital tools, it was designed to work alongside them.


Start the day with 2 fresh pages

Task Page
Write your 3 most important tasks for the day at the top of the Task Page. Carry over unfinished tasks from the previous day in the Next section, and capture tasks as they come to mind.

Notes Page
Use your Notes Page to take down detailed context for meetings and projects. If a task gets written down in your notes, circle it and add it to the Next section on your Task Page.


Use Task Cues to track progress

Mark tasks as complete, in-progress, delegated or canceled with Task Cues.


Twist off screws to refill pages

When you've reached your last page, simply use your fingers to twist off the screws and insert a fresh pack of refill paper. 

Leonard divides work into 2 daily pages

Clear, Prioritized Tasks


Daily Notes


Start each day with the 3 most important tasks to get done

Capture random tasks that come to mind throughout the day without getting distracted

Use Task Cues to mark each task done, in progress, or delegated

Clear, Prioritized Tasks


Daily Notes


Capture meeting notes, ideas, and goals throughout the day with important context

Circle tasks as they appear to add to your Task Page.

Based on habit formation research

The Leonard ties together Stanford University research on habit formation into a simple, easy-to-use system for productivity that'll actually stick.


Small, Simple Actions

Stay motivated with just 2 pages at the beginning of each day. So simple it fits in with any existing routine.


Always With You

Travel from desk to departures without missing a beat. Leonard is a productivity system designed to go anywhere.


Tangible, Visible Reminder

Watching your stash of pages grow over time is a powerful prompt to keep going.

Task Cues

Building on elements of the Bullet Journal system, Task Cues are a simplified visual shortcut to indicate tasks as complete, in-progress, delegated or canceled, and assign priority.








Thoughtfully Designed + Crafted

The Leonard was designed with our philosophy of "buy once, use forever." From the premium leather, to the thick, refillable pages, we've made it our mission to create the perfect notebook.