Our Manifesto—

We’re your one-stop shop for advice, consultation, and trustworthy Premium leather in the modern era.

We believe in investing our time and money in doing the hard things in a smart way, usually with leather, and sometimes with technology.

At some point along the retail journey dating back to the 1940's, the leather goods industry lost itself. One of two things happened— Quality marginally increased, while prices skyrocketed, or material and labor quality plummeted and prices kept. Call it exclusivity, call it inefficiency, call it complacency of large luxury brands— we’re not sure, but we are sure that the value and integrity of investing in a quality leather piece have vanished and don't seem to be trending back in style.

The bottom line? You shouldn't have to go to the leather markets of Spain or Italy to know you're getting a good value on the leather goods you invest in. That's where we come in.

We brought together advisors from the oldest leather tanneries with thought leaders in consumer technology and partnered with the manufacturers typically reserved for only the most exclusive luxury brands. Together, we've taken industry-leading materials, design, and technology, honed them into the best line of luxury essentials, then aggressively cut our prices from what you would expect to find at other luxury brands. The result is an ever-expanding line of premium products — released twice a month — that not only make you look great but leave you feeling smart about what you carry.

We're just doing what we feel is fair. 

We believe to push the world forward we need leaders who think and act differently. Progress isn’t easy, and neither is consistently doing the right thing. But if we don’t try, then what example are we setting? We’re bullish that this world isn’t coming to an end anytime soon, and we’re focused on making it a better place with better products for years to come.