Our Manifesto—

Above all else, we believe in investing our time and money in doing hard things in a smart, innovative way.

That’s precisely what led us to the leather business.

Bull and Stash was born from a desire for premium quality modern leather goods that couldn’t be sourced anywhere else in the world – pieces that were exclusive to a select few – not because of unreasonable prices, but because the tanners who tan the leather, and the well paid craftspeople who manufacture them only make a limited run.

If consumerism is going left, we’re taking a hard right.

We’re not the sons and daughters of leather tanners, and no, we’re not Italian. We’re not in this for the fame, the followers, the attention at fashion week, or the press. We’re in this to take on a challenge. To question the status quo. To consolidate a complex industry into a simple informed choice. And, of course, to make exceptional quality products.

We’ve brought together advisors from the oldest leather tanneries with leaders in consumer technology, then partnered with manufacturers typically reserved for only the most exclusive luxury brands. Together, we believe we can do better than “Made in Italy” or “Sewn in USA.” Each month, we work directly with tanneries from around the world to tell the story of their heritage, and bring to light modern, refined leathers through our technically designed products – released to you in limited edition.

Think of us as your inside source to discover the most prestigious tanneries and luxury leathers from the world’s best leather regions, all from your office desk.

We're only doing we feel is fair – to our partners, and to you.

Bottom line, you shouldn’t have to go to the leather markets of Florence, Italy or the prefectures of Kobe, Japan to know you’re getting premium quality, ethically manufactured leather goods.

Superior leather, in a superior way.

Welcome to Bull and Stash.